When Bill Nye launched a line of science kits, Scrambled Eggz was engaged to develop a brand look, create style guide assets including a photo library and design all related packaging and marketing materials. Please scroll down to see our process.

Initial Package Structure Concepts

Bill Nye pkg structure


Without a style guide to follow, our first step was to develop a brand look that reflected Bill’s fun approach to science.All Nye Box Frnts CROPPED


Upon approval of the brand look, we were tasked with directing a day’s worth of photos with Bill. It was important to script out all possible poses and props so that we could acquire all assets for the first line of kits as well as any future kits. When the day was over we had reached that goal with a catalog of over 500 shots to choose from. Bill was very pleased with the results as was Elmer’s.


 The Final logo.


 Final Packaging

E2113_NYE Paper Recycle Box-fin

Scrambled Eggz also designed all of the activity guides.